About Us

Hello, Nick here!

I’m your typical guy – I work a 9 – 5 just like most people, but I've also been boxing since I was 8 years old (the same age Evander Holyfield started). I'm certainly not one of the greatest of all-time – by any means.

But boxing is my true love, although I have never reached a professional level.

Based in Wales, I have since hanged up my boxing gloves and have been helping as a trainer at my local gym. I’m trying to do my part in helping younger boxers get ahead of the competition by mastering the basics:

  • Proper attacks
  • Ring smarts
  • The right diet and nutrition
  • Footwork
  • Defense

All of the basics are needed to dominate in the ring. Most boxers enter the ring like a brawler – ready to go on the aggressive, but few are dominate. Mike Tyson is a great example of a brawler that was able to dominate in the ring due to pure power, but he is a one in a million example.

No one would try to change Tyson, but if Tyson had the defense and footwork of Mayweather, he would have been unstoppable for much longer.

I’m here to share my experience, passion and information that I have learned over my time as a boxer with the world. You’ll be learning a little bit of everything, such as the right way to stay hydrated as a boxer, the right amount of calories to eat, and the many styles that will define a boxer.

Footwork is also covered in great detail. I simply love footwork, as it can be used to quickly take advantage of an opponent’s misstep or counteract an opponent’s attack to get to safety.

My site is meant to help the beginner and intermediate boxer polish their techniques and become a beast in the ring as a result.